Children’s Design a Supercar Competition Winners

The entries for the Children’s Design a Supercar Competition we absolutely fantastic and we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful designs!

We have chosen the winners and are delighted to announce…

In 1st Place winning a Sporting Bears Dream Ride and tickets for a family of four – Nathanael Ball with his fantastic descriptive design of the Veloz!

First place winner

2nd Place winning a rib ride and tickets for a family of four – Simon Chipling with his magnificent Hoverpool Car! We can think of nothing better than being able to take a swim whilst being driven – and always safety conscious with a life guard present too!

Second place

3rd Place winning tickets for a family of four – Leo Farrelly with his Winged car – no more traffic jams with a car that can fly!

Third place

Well done again for all your hard work and effort!

We will be in touch shortly to arrange your tickets and prizes.

For all those that entered we would like to offer you free children’s tickets to come to the event on Sunday 12th June to display on the Supercar Design Board in the Paddock, where they will again be judged and have the chance to win a year’s subscription to Autocar!

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