On the Water

On the Water


The UK’s only professional wakeboard tour is coming to the Cholmondeley Power and Speed Festival 

Industry Wake Parks will be building a bespoke wake park on the lake, right in front of the castle, which will host the 3rd stop of the 2016 Pro Wakeboard Tour. 

A cable tow system pulls the athletes through the water and they use the floating jumps and ramps to perform tricks. The top wakeboarders in the UK will be competing alongside a couple of International Wild Cards. 

Wakeboarders will include past National Champion Christian Koester, up and coming athletes like Jack and Joey Battleday and the current British National Champion Ryan Peacock and local wakeboarders from the North West, Harley Somerville and Alex Brandwood who both ride at Liverpool Wake Park. 

The format for the competition is head to head battles, with heats of 2 people and 1 advancing. 16 riders will start the competition and there will be 1 winner. 

The competition is judged X-Factor style, with 3 judges all with 1 vote each and they judge live in front of you!



Take to the water for an exhilarating rib ride! 

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