Charity 2017

We are currently looking for a charity partner for 2017

In 2016 we supported:

Brightening the Lives of children with Disabilities

Charity SupportFor over 25 years children with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities have been visiting the Wingate Centre to experience a holiday in a safe and caring environment.   For some, this is the first holiday they have ever had and sadly, for those with life limiting conditions, it may be the only holiday they ever experience.

Attracting visitors from across the country the Centre provides short term specialist residential accommodation and recreational activities for groups of children and individuals from Special Educational Needs schools, voluntary organisations and self-help groups.  The holiday is an opportunity for them to learn to socialise and build relationships with others, practice essential life skills in a safe and supportive environment and build their self confidence.

The Wingate Centre also aims to provide “Fitness for All” through a wide variety of sports and recreational activities accessible to both residential visitors and day visitors from the local community.

Our 7000 sqft gymnasium is perfect for gymnastics classes, Rebound therapy, Soft Play, children’s parties and Pilates classes.

The Sensory Room fosters a stimulating yet relaxing atmosphere where the overactive child can be calmed and the inactive becomes interested.

And our Recreational Hall is perfect for music, dance, drama and parties.

The Wingate Centre does not receive any direct government funding and is entirely reliant on its own endeavours and those of its supporters to raise the funds required to maintain the Centre and the Charity’s activities.

We remain totally committed to ensuring that our unique Charity continues to brighten the lives of these very special children and young adults and are very grateful to CPOP for selecting us as their chosen charity for 2015 and to Sporting Bears who will be raising funds on our behalf.

Over the weekend the Wingate Centre will be based close to the Shopping Village and Sporting Bears can be found along Chestnut Avenue, do please visit us and Sporting Bears for the opportunity to ride in a uniquely available Classic Car.

Please visit THE WINGATE CENTRE for more information

Talking 2 Minds

Founded by Bob Paxman (former SAS) and recipient of the former Deputy Prime Ministers Initiative – ‘National Mental Health Hero Award 2015’ (see picture).

Talking2Minds ethos was originally ‘Veterans helping Veterans’; that ethos remains to this day although, as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other severe stress-related conditions such as Stress, Fear and Anxiety and Anger Issues affect all sectors of society, it has now become ‘Like helping Like’ and we have treated many ‘Blue-light’ services personnel as well as many affected by stress in their daily lives.

Talking2Minds is a small but growing charity and since our foundation in 2008 and despite severe financial restraints, we have helped over 600 hundred people put the pieces of their lives back together.

Helping those with stress related conditions including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and also addictions.

We have an Academic Independently verified success rate of:

  •        97% For Depression Anxiety and Stress 
  •        87% For General Health Psychological Well-being
  •        78% For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We do not receive government funding, have no endowments and are therefore fully

reliant on your donations to conduct our change programmes.


We are therefore very grateful for any help received to allow this important and vital work to continue.



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