The Circuit

The Circuit


The history of the Cholmondeley track goes back to the day that Tour Britannia, the classic race and rally tour, first visited Cholmondeley Castle in September 2006.  Seeing classic sports and GT cars in action on the estate roads sparked the beginnings of the 'track' that delivers such a spectacle.

The track was widened in the spring of 2008 as part of a major investment programme to make the 1.2 mile course suitable for a wider range of vehicles including single-seater racing cars.

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Justin Law; winner of the 2009 Sports Racing Car Post 1960 Class and Fastest Lap of the weekend gives a unique insight into the Cholmondeley track...

"The lights go out and wheelspin from the start line is shortly followed by a narrow tabletop-like bridge the car snaking and losing traction as it goes light.  Then it's full power and a fast run down Chestnut Avenue, the trees whistling by. A slight kink right and a hesitant right foot on the approach to Lodge Corner, the car wanting to overtake itself under hard braking.  A stab of the throttle sends the car into a 4 wheel slide, using an inch of grass on the exit of The Vicarage.  The approach to The Chicane is again very fast with no signs of an apex.  Eventually the apex appears and after turn in its full on with the throttle sliding through the right, left of the chicane. A short burst along polo straight is followed by the slow and threatening Chapel corner, the car Power over steering on exit. Then it's another fast run through the tightening Lozenger with a bump shortly before the tight left of chapel. A split second lift of the throttle as the car takes air over the hump back bridge and back on the gas for the short stretch to the finish. Cholmondeley is a wonderfully challenging, very fast sprint with technical chicanes and undulating corners."

There is excellent spectator viewing around much of the course on both sides, it is perfect to stroll around watching the cars and bikes being put through their paces from a variety of vantage points.  Spectators can cross the course at several points, including the pedestrian bridge along the Polo Straight and the pontoon under Bailey Bridge that links the Park with the Paddock Enclosure.

Whilst some of the rarest and most valuable track vehicles will be taking part in demonstration runs, there is serious competition for those striving to win the coveted Coupe d'Honneur.

Race Event Marshaling

If you would like to apply to be a marshal at Cholmondeley please contact The British Automobile Racing Club.

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