Look What’s Happening At Cholmondeley Power and Speed 2016!

If you’ve not booked your tickets yet, here’s a lineup that’s sure to whet your appetite. Just look at everything that’s happening at the Cholmondeley Power and Speed event this year!

FromĀ  supercars and bikes competing on the track, through to wakeboarding, live comedy, a craft beer festival and heaps of activities for kids, there’s something for everything at this year’s Power and Speed event.

Family event Cheshire

Don’t wait until the gate!

The Power and Speed event starts on the 10th of June, and runs across the weekend of the 11th and 12th of June 2016, and is set in the grounds of the stunning Cholmondeley Castle, in the heart of Cheshire.

For the best possible ticket prices, book in advance online here.

  • Must See

    On the Water

    Extreme Fun on The Water at the Cholmondeley Power and Speed event in Cheshire. On the water we have everything to keep all the family entertained!