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What's On

At this year's Cholmondeley Power and Speed Motorsport Event, we are celebrating Supercars, past, present and future in 2016, returning to our roots and so there will be a line-up of some of the most exciting cars and bikes ever put together.

As Autocar’s Steve Cropley has suggested “You’ll come back different!” New features will include a concours d'elegance on the cricket pitch, an over 1000hp class on track and stunt rides. On the Friday, we are working with the Historic Lotus Register to put together the first ever gathering and parade of every production Lotus type manufactured.

Here's a small taste of what's in store...

Motorsport Event Poster

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    Car Clubs

    Clubs are a huge part of the Cholmondeley Power & Speed. Plans for 2016 are well underway, with clubs displaying inside the track.